After living and travelling in India for some time, where, of course I discovered Yoga back in 1992. Ever since Yoga has been  in my life. I was, at first drawn to Sivananda Yoga due to  my love of Kirtan and Mantra/Devotional song, I had discovered something new and unique to bring into  my life. It was later on at another time in India, as I resided in Goa, that I came across the Brahmani centre in Goa, run and owned by Julie Martin. I fell in love with her style of teaching Vinyasa Flow and I was hooked. I learnt how breath and movement became one . Yoga then took on a whole new concept for me. After Julie being my teacher for 2yrs, I then decided to embark on her teacher training in 2009. I love it! I love her style! I love the freedom on how we can work with Vinyasa and move your body and come of the mat. For me Yoga is not about the fancy assana. It is about being present and feel ready to explore in the movement with awareness, on and off the mat.

I feel so blessed to have dicovered the science and art of Ayurveda. Becoming a practitioner in 2004 training with Dr Deepika Rodrigo and then with Tri-Dosha, alos CPD at the College of Ayurveda with Dr Marda from India.  Continuing with Sivananda Group Cooking and Nutrition. It is an on going journey fo learning and discovery.

Always searching for something new and unique, I came across another ancient Indian mastery, Chavutti Thirumal, one of the best massages ever. 

When it comes to my massage. I have an intuitive approach to the treatments that I offer, which caters for each clients individual need. Tunning in, my touch can be strong & deep, gentle & soft, meditatively working into the body.

My treatments bring flexibility & mobility to the joints & muscles, allowing for the free-flow of vital energy, simultaneously releasing deep-seated toxins within the body tissues and stimulating circulation.

Therapeutic effects are felt in the entire being of oneself, bringing emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to a state of equilibrium touching the soul of the client.

I truly believe that every technique has someing different to offer. To teach yoga is both giving and receiving, it is truly wonderful to experience both.



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