This extraordinary art of healing soothes and relaxes both the mind and body. Using a suspended rope to control her weight and balance, Alison applies long sweeping strokes of movement with her feet across the body and along the length of Meridian Lines. Tension and knots are relieved from fingers to toes as a light, stretched state returns to every part of the body.

This form of massage dates back 2000 years and originates from Kerala in Southern India. It continues to be used as a recovery and rebalancing treatment following the intense physical training of Kerala’s Kalari Martial artists. You can now experience the
remarkable healing effects as Chavutti Thirumal is used to ease away the rigours and strains of modern day living. Chavutti Thirumal can help

  • heal

  • mental stress

  • back tension

  • joint stiffness

  • muscular pain & spasm

  • poor circulation & energy flow

  • inflexibility & bad posture

  • cellulite

  • fluid retention

Alison is able advise on the appropriate use of this physical massage. She is likely to recommend alternative therapies for women who are pregnant and for people recovering from medical treatment.

Alison also has an intuitive approach to the treatment, as well as tuning into the clients needs. Working together with the breath. Gentle stretches using the hands. Also the use of the Calamas Powder can be applied upon request.



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