Yoga is an excellent step in preparing a child for adulthood. I love to create fun, gentleness and laughter. Not only do we practice asanas but also games, singing, and chanting. Our yoga journeys become stories, we travel to other countries, become animals as we move into each posture.

My approach is to aid the children to become aware of their creative side, to keep their imagination flowing, but also to guide them into stillness, the quiet time within. This aids them in their times of dis-stress, anger, and feeling the need to have their own space.

Yoga is most beneficial for teenagers when preparing for exams, as well as their growth and changes in life. Relaxation, meditation and breath work can enhance their focus, moods, and help create wellbeing within.

Having worked together with Kingston High School to aid their students to benefit higher grades with their exams delivering relaxation and breathing techniques using exercise/yoga/visualisation/focus/affirmations. This has proved extremely useful for the students in their endeavours.



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