Kundalini, the yoga of awareness, is a powerful and practical combination of meditation and exercise. It heals the mind as well as the body and provides a spiritual foundation for a life-long healthy lifestyle. It allows you to:

  • restore your body’s balance

  • discover your true potential

  • feel vibrant and energised

Kundalini Yoga utilises:

Sound – 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo'. Our precious chant will enable you to contact the infinite teacher at the centre of your being.

Breath – the life energy. Control your breathing and you will calm your mind and learn to master every aspect of your life.

Form – exact and dynamic.

Movement – breath control and sound will combine to balance your body and mind.

Meditation – mantra and mudra. You will learn to clear negative patterns and connect with your higher consciousness.

Colour – stimulating a calm focus. While practising Kundalini, it is advised you wear a white head covering. You will learn to reach into your spiritual core and command your sixth centre ‘Ajna Chakra’

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age are:

  • Recognize that the other person is you

  • There is a way through every block

  • When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off

  • Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times

  • Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path 

Alison was an amazing teacher, she fully explained what kundalini was and what to expect from it and we certainly were not disappointed. It was clear Alison was an experienced teacher, very precise with her instruction and dedicated to Yoga. - DB

"In the inner core of one's personality is that ocean of happiness,
ocean of wisdom, ocean of creativity, ocean of peace."


Maharashi Mahesh Yogi



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